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Insomniacs Anonymous

Insomniacs Anonymous
Title: Insomniacs Anonymous
Nolanverse (technically could be read as comic canon, too)
PG-13 (for sensitive discussion)
Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent
Word Count:
Not too long ago – Paris – Sorbonne – 0157 hours.  A late night meandering causes Bruce to stumble upon a group calling themselves Insomniacs Anonymous.
Note: This is cross-posted to several groups I'm part of.  Sorry if you see a repeat. (I Still Believe in Harvey Dent; DarkKnightFic; Nolanverse)
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Sturm und Drang: A Hellboy fic

Sturm und Drang

Culture shock abounds when the agents of the B.P.R.D. meet the new guy from their European liaison. Hellboy movie-verse.

This is basically a series of lighter/character-driven moments within and without the timeline of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, giving us a bit more insight into the characters’ reactions to their new situation.

Note for the comics readers: I’m really going to try and integrate every bit of comic canon I can into this. For some reason Guillermo, I love him, is constantly undermining the canon. Which is cool! We can make new and exciting things!

italics indicates a foreign language or song lyrics (or both!)…or just emphasis. Oh dear..

Chapter 1 die BuchvorstellungCollapse )

New Avengers: Off Duty

Title: New Avengers: Off Duty
Characters: Tony, Peter, Logan, Luke, Jessica Drew, Steve
Disclaimer: I own nothing nor am I making a profit off of this…unlike some people in a certain Civil War…
Summary: Because sometimes saving the world is not the number one priority.

Author's note: I know it's out of my usual fandom, but Marvel's really been luring me in. I'm also probably one of only 3 people who sided with Tony Stark in the Civil War, at least in the main storyline.

New Avengers: Off Duty - Mile High ClubCollapse )

The Marauderbury Tales

This little tale can be read alone or, if you’re particularly daring, as a companion piece to my other Marauder stories. If that’s the case, then this takes place after Veiled Revelations, just before The Importance of Being Single, and a good year before Between Now and Then.

This little thing is a way for me to reconcile the 2 year time gap I originally had between VR and BNT. It’s based heavily off of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, hence the occasional odd language and “verse.” One way or another, the Marauders are still my Marauders so if you liked my previous characterizations then “huzzah!” and if not then I’m sorry.

The Marauderbury Tales: Chapter One - There

ThereCollapse )

Best Marauder-era Runner-up

Dear friends:

Thank you so much for voting for me in the MNFF awards! I didn't even know they existed until I saw my name as Runner-up for best Marauder-era fic! Who knew?! Thank you so much! I am honored that people enjoy my dear little Between Now & Then.


Sep. 8th, 2006

............oh by the way............. I've obviously figured out the whole lj-cut thing (thank you to EVERYONE who put up with my rants and attempts) and....

Between Now and Then is finished... :)

AND the controversial EPILOGUE

Ok friends, Romans, and countrymen: this is the dreaded epilgue which the (pardon my French, but it's coming anyway) BUTT HEADS (soooooooooooooo toned down.......) at MNFF (namely Vindictus) have decided that the end of it is too close to plagiarism (which is the WHOLE BLOODY POINT OF THE END OF THE BLOODY EPILOGUE) so it's not going on. I don't feel like dealing with BUTT HEADS who have nothing better to do than be a nazi about stories. I mean, maybe if certain mods would get a BLOODY life things might be different but hey! Whatever. I'm not angry or anything. So here's the BLOODY epilgue.

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Chapter 33: The Secret Hollow

I'm really sorry for the incredibly long delay. Chapter 32 is posted, but as God is my witness I cannot figure out lj-cuts. I'm so sorry. if you want to avoid scrolling down this large chapter, it's all up on Mugglenet Fanfiction, though I loathe the queue waits. I'm really sorry folks.


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